CBAS Fellowship
 About us
The Fellowship recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions in the field of promoting sustainable development through technological innovation worldwide, and is the highest academic honour that can be conferred on an individual by CBAS. 

On September 6, 2023, CBAS Fellowship was publicly launched at the opening ceremony of The 3rd International Forum on Big Data for Sustainable Development Goals (FBAS 2023).

The Fellowship program aiming to improve global collaboration on data and technology towards informed sustainable development within the United Nations framework. Through this fellowship program CBAS intends to facilitate global consensus, and enhance regional and global multi-stakeholder engagements on issues of common and mutual interests.

CBAS Fellow will help CBAS realize its mission of supporting implementation of SDGs through harnessing science, technology, and innovation. CBAS will seek advisory and ambassadorial contributions from CBAS Fellows to add value to its efforts in research, capacity development and policy development exercises towards sustainable development around the world.

 CBAS Fellows will confirm their willingness to assist the CBAS when appropriate. Forms of assistance might include:

· Participating in CBAS projects, advisory committees

· Advising in the recruitment of new members

· Promoting CBAS's profile, activities, and reports in the media

· Facilitating CBAS in developing partnerships with relevant stakeholders, policy, and scientific organizations

· Assisting CBAS to identify and access scientific and other relevant resources

· Facilitating the engagement of early career and next generation scientists

From this year (2023) onwards, an annual call for nominations to the Fellowship will be made. We look forward to seeing more outstanding scholars and experts participating in the SDGs realization with science and technology innovation, jointly promoting the mission of CBAS and the advancement of the global sustainable development agenda.

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