Science & Technology Committee
As the scientific and technological development advisory body of CBAS, the Science and Technology Committee is responsible for providing guidance and advice on CBAS' science and technology development strategy, cutting-edge key technologies, digital governance system capabilities, and related research hotspots; facing national and regional strategic needs and solving problems while promoting the formation of major scientific research tasks; guiding basic research as well as key core technology research; promoting collaborative innovation and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements; deepening scientific and technological cooperation and promoting the improvement of scientific and technological exchanges.              


GUO Huadong, Director General, CBAS

Vice Chair

ZHAO Qianjun, Professor, CAS Institute of Urban Environment

Members (by alphabet)

CHEN Fang, Professor, CBAS

CHEN Hongyu, Professor, CAS Innovation Academy for Microsatellites

CHI Xuebin, Professor, CAS Computer Network Information Center

FAN Xiangtao, Professor, CBAS

HAN Qunli, Professor, International Programme Office of Integrated Research on Disaster Risk

HE Guojin, Professor, CAS Aerospace Information Research Institute

JI Liqiang, Professor, CAS Institute of Zoology

JIA Gensuo, Professor, CAS Institute of Atmospheric Physics

LI Chaolun, Professor, CAS Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research

LI Jianhui, Professor, Computer Network Information Center

LI Xin, Professor, CAS Northwest Institute of Eco-environment and Resources

LIAO Xiaohan, Professor, CAS Institute of Graphic Sciences and Natural Resources Research

MA Juncai, Professor, CAS Institute of Microbiology

MA Keping, Professor, CAS Institute of Botany

ZHANG Bing, Professor , CAS Aerospace Information Research Institute

ZHU Jiang, Professor, CAS Institute of Atmospheric Physics

For abbreviation CAS is Chinese Academy of Sciences.