2024 Call For Nomination
Nominations are now open for the 2024 intake of CBAS Fellows. It will close on 30 April 2024 and new Fellows will be announced in September 2024.

In September 2023, International Research Center of Big Data for Sustainable Development Goals (CBAS) announced the creation of the CBAS Fellowship and the appointment of 7 Foundation Fellows. CBAS will increase the overall Fellow numbers through annual calls, adding about 5 members each year.

The Fellows include distinguished scientists and thought leaders who have made significant contributions to advancing the implementation of SDGs through science, technology, and innovation means.

The CBAS Fellowship represents the most prestigious recognition an individual can receive from CBAS. The nomination process for the 2024 CBAS Fellowship is currently open. CBAS Fellowship seek new intake of individuals who share the same value and aspirations as CBAS that seek to enhance global collaboration on data and technology. 

Who are we seeking

This year, we are looking for individuals who have demonstrated exceptional contributions towards achieving global sustainable development goals, based on the following criteria:

 Possessing remarkable professional and technical expertise, reputation, contributions, and influence in the global field of sustainable development;

 Having achieved significant advancements in fostering innovation within sustainable development through the use of big data, aligning with the core philosophy of CBAS;

 Exhibiting broad influence globally, alongside notable efforts in enhancing exchanges and cooperation across regions and various fields;

What will Fellows do?

CBAS Fellows play a critical role in advancing global efforts towards SDGs realization through leveraging science, technology, and innovation. They can help facilitate the implementation of SDGs in multiple ways, for example, by

 Helping to advance the global scientific agenda through their expertise and actions, particularly in promoting the SDGs with big data,

 Building and participating in global networks of researchers, policymakers, NGOs, and private sector actors working on SDGs.

 Raising awareness and understanding of the SDGs among the public and specific stakeholder groups through campaigns, media, and public speaking.

Strengthening the abilities of individuals, communities, and institutions to implement sustainable practices.

Who can nominate Fellows?

There are three methods for nominating Fellow candidates:

(1) Current CBAS Fellows have the privilege to nominate one individual annually on their own.

(2) CBAS Professors, members of CBAS expert committee, and members of CBAS International Advisory Committee are eligible to nominate candidates. Nominations must be made collectively, with a group of three nominators endorsing a single candidate per year, and one of the nominators acting as the primary nominator.

(3) Candidates wishing to nominate themselves must secure endorsements from two other experts. Self-nomination involves submitting a complete application along with letters of recommendation from two distinguished experts in the field of SDGs whose stature is on par with that of nominators in categories (1) and (2).

How do we nominate?

Nominations must be submitted on a Nomination Form below, with the following elements: 

 The name and relevant details of the nominator(s) and the nominee. 

 A succinct overview statement by the nominator summarizing the basis for the nomination and how they can contribute to the CBAS mission (up to 100 words) [this text may be used on the CBAS website].  

 A longer justification, in up to 400 words, for the nomination, that provides examples to support the 100-word statement, highlighting the nominee’s achievements and wider contributions to the sustainable development.

 The nominee’s Curriculum Vitae, limited to two pages, should focus on their contributions that justify the nomination.

 An additional page is allowed for providing supplementary evidence to support the nomination, including weblinks, if necessary.

 A signed Declaration of Understanding by the nominee, acknowledging their willingness to accept the fellowship if selected and their consent for CBAS to retain the submitted information for the duration of their candidacy and, if successful, throughout their fellowship.

 For experts self-nominating, letters of recommendation from two nominators are required.

Download: Nomination Form